2 Armed Customers Shoot Armed Convenience Store Robber

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on August 19, 2018 at 10:16 am
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An armed robbery at an Indianapolis convenience store ended with the robber shot by two customers.

Police say that shortly before 6:30pm, an armed robber entered and attempted to rob a convenience store near Pendelton Pike and Sadeland Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana.  When the armed robber pulled out his gun, two separate customers reportedly drew their own guns and fired, striking the robber and putting an end to his robbery attempt.  A suspect was reportedly found by police and taken to a local hospital where we then pronounced dead.  No injuries to the customers or employees were reported.

A robber is a deadly threat to the customers and employees of a business.  Complying with the robber’s demands is no guarantee that a victim will escape unharmed, as robbers often inflict harm on even the most cooperative victims.

As this robbery attempt shows, having armed citizens present is a good thing for a business and its customers.  Here, the armed customers saved themselves and the clerk from a violent robbery.  Society as a whole benefits as well, as the robber here will never hurt another person.  Concealed carry works to allow armed customers to stop bank robbers, armed robbers in drug stores, would-be muggers, and other violent criminals.

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