Nevada ACLU Supports Gun Rights

Published by the Author on July 15, 2008 at 12:22 am > Gun Related News > Nevada ACLU Supports Gun Rights

As I’ve previously mentioned, the national ACLU is opposed to gun rights, arguing that the right to keep and bear arms does not exist at all.  Thankfully, the Nevada ACLU has declared support for the Second Amendment:

In light of the United States Supreme Court’s decision concerning the D.C. handgun ban [District of Columbia v. Heller] the ACLU of Nevada considers it important to clearly state its position regarding the right to bear arms. The Nevada ACLU respects the individual’s right to bear arms subject to constitutionally permissible regulations. The ACLU of Nevada will defend this right as it defends other constitutional rights.  This policy was formulated by our afilliate Board in light of both the U.S. Constitution and the clearly-stated individual right to bear arms as set out in the Nevada Constitution’s Declaration of Rights.

As a former ACLU member, who left the ACLU due to their anti gun rights stance, I’m quite pleased by the Nevada ACLU’s support of gun rights, and would suggest that law abiding gun owners contact the Nevada ACLU and thank them for their support of gun rights.

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