Criminals Make Mistakes – a good reason to have a gun for self defense

A good percentage of crime consists of criminals victimizing other criminals, often over drugs, money, or gang turf.  However, criminals will often break into the wrong house, or attack the wrong person, after mistaking them for someone else.  Self defense in this situation is yet another reason to own a gun:

A recent case in Modesto, CA involved suspected gang members, who invaded a home and stabbed a 32-year-old man in the living room, after mistaking him for another person.  After the stabbing, one criminal apologized and admitted that they were after another person.  The criminals then offered to give the victim a ride to the hospital, which he declined.

Every day, criminals end up attacking the wrong person on the street, or invading the wrong home.  Sometimes they are out to settle a score, or to steal drugs or money.  The result can be fatal for the law abiding citizen who is suddenly confronted by criminals – especially when the criminals realize that they are in the wrong house, and that their faces were just seen by someone who may go to the police.  Making matters worse, the criminals may become enraged when they recognize that there are no drugs or stacks of cash to steal from the law abiding citizen.

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For that reason, among others, I would urge my fellow law abiding citizens to select the proper gun for self defense, buy that gun, learn how to use it properly, and store it safely.  A good home defense gun can be purchased quite cheaply, and will provide a lifetime of home security that simply can’t be matched.  Given the amount of money that many people are already willing to spend on their alarm system or other home security measures, a gun is an effective yet inexpensive addition.