Remember: There Are Still Elections Coming Up

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With the November 4th general elections over, some people don’t realize that there are still elections coming up in some parts of the country.  Please be sure to check in your area to see whether there are any local elections coming up.  For example, the people in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District have an election coming up on December 6th, in which a strong supporter of the Second Amendment is running:

Dr. John Fleming is running for Congress in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District. His stance on gun rights is to be commended:

I am a member of both the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America.

The 2nd Amendment simply recognizes our God-given right to self-defense.

Law-abiding American citizens have a right to keep and bear arms. And I will always defend that right.

Beyond the natural right to defend ourselves and our families, there is a pivotal reason that our Founding Fathers enshrined the 2nd Amendment into our Constitution. They had personally experienced tyranny and oppression. They realized only an armed citizenry can secure and maintain freedom.

I will stand up to the Liberal, Gun Control Lobby. I will never compromise in the fight to protect your right to defend yourself and your family against criminals. I will protect your rights to enjoy sports shooting and hunting.

Those in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District should remember to vote on December 6th.  Early voting is also an option.

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