Another European Left Defenseless

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As reported, Sarah Richardson, a 26 year old woman from the UK was married to Edward Richardson, who was 40 year old. Their marriage fell apart, and Sarah moved back in with her parents. In the early months of 2008, Sarah changed her marital status to “single” on Facebook, and this enraged Edward. He sent her text messages, but she wanted nothing further to do with him. So, Edward broke into her parents’ home, and cornered Sarah in her bedroom. Edward then brutally stabbed Sarah to death, before unsuccessfully trying to kill himself. Edward was convicted of Sarah’s murder, and sentenced to at least 17 years in prison. Sarah’s parents made the following statement after hearing the verdict: “There simply aren’t the words to describe how Sarah’s death, and the awful way in which she died, has affected us. We all miss her so much. Sarah was the loveliest daughter anyone could wish for. She was honest, loyal and sweet, and everyone loved her.”

It is always sad when a stalker harms the victim, but it is all the more sad when the victim didn’t even the chance to defend themselves.  Unlike Americans, who have a right to own a gun for self defense, those in the UK have no such right.  While American women can fight off a home invading stalker with a gun, British women have to hope that the stalker doesn’t kill them in the many minutes that it will take for the police to arrive.  Indeed, British citizens who defend themselves in their own homes can end up in jail and be sued by the criminal.

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Some British people will argue that society as a whole, including domestic violence victims, are better of if the law allows no one to have a gun.  However there are a few flaws with that idea.  First, it ignores the fact that gun control laws are just one more law for criminals to violate, meaning that only the law abiding people are disarmed.  Secondly, it ignores the fact that criminals can misuse just about any tool with deadly effect, including knives and cars.  Finally, it ignores the fact that guns are the great equalizer and the best self defense tools yet invented by humanity.  Even if gun bans really do take away everyone’s guns, that just leads to a situation where the strongest and most violent individuals are able to impose their will upon anyone who is weaker.  Since criminals tend to be young, strong males, women and the elderly are left at a particular disadvantage.

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