Firearms Training in the Chicago Area

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For those in the Chicago area looking for gun training, I would recommend Tactical Shot:

A few months ago, I moved from the Chicago area to Iowa.  Concealed carry permit requirements in Iowa are at the discretion of each county’s sheriff, and the sheriff of the Iowa county where I was moving required that CCW permit applicants take the NRA basic pistol course.  I was in Maxon (my favorite Chicago-area gun store) buying a gun, and got to talking with a gentleman named Al about gun rights.  It turned out that Al ran Tactical Shot, and he was running an NRA basic pistol course the weekend before I was going to move to Iowa.  Getting the NRA pistol course completed before moving would mean I could apply for my CCW permit as soon as I got to Iowa, so I promptly signed up.  The class was at his house, and I was quite impressed with his knowledge and teaching ability.  He managed to make the very new shooters in the class feel at ease and not in the least bit overwhelmed, while also managing to not bore those of use who already had some experience.  Much of this particular class centered on gun safety and basics, which I already knew; however I did learn a few things.  Then, we went to the range for some hands-on pistol instruction.  I thought my stance and technique were pretty good, but learned that I had plenty of  room for improvement.  Applying the tips that Al gave me that day, I would say that I’ve improved noticeably over the last few months.   I really wish that I had known about Tactical Shot a few months earlier, so that I could have taken more advanced classes while in the Chicago area.

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In sum, I was quite impressed Tactical Shot, both in terms of the one basic class that I took, and what I heard about the more advanced ones that they offer.

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  • Tom Tobin

    My wife and I live in Chicago, and we have been looking for both a training course and a gun shop in the area. Thank you for the tip!

  • Larry Farrell

    For people seeking NJ firearms, and other defensive measures, instruction, contact these companies:

  • Anders

    Me and my wife took a basic handguns class at Allsafe Defense System. Who could have guessed that I, after 25 years of shooting, could learn something from a basic handgun class.

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