IL Man Shoots 2 Armed Robbers in Self Defense After they Choke Him and Hold His Wife at Gunpoint

Published by the Author on September 27, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > IL Man Shoots 2 Armed Robbers in Self Defense After they Choke Him and Hold His Wife at Gunpoint

As reported, two masked robbers entered the man’s Indianola, Illinois home, choked him, and held him and his wife at gunpoint.  The man’s wife told the robbers that she said she had expensive jewelry upstairs, and the robbers let down their guard while focusing on that jewelry box.  The homeowner used that opportunity to grab his handgun and fatally shoot the two robbers in self defense, saving himself and his wife.  A third suspected accomplice, who police say was in a getaway vehicle outside, was arrested shortly after the home invasion robbery attempt.

Those opposed to gun ownership for self defense often suggest that crime victims will be unable to get their self defense gun in time.  That is simply not the case.  Here, we have a man who has been held at gunpoint by two criminals, who also choked him.  Yet this man and his wife were able to distract the criminals, get a gun, and save themselves.  Nor is this an isolated incident.  Just looking at self defense cases from this past year as an example, it is clear that crime victims are often able to get their gun and shoot in self defense, stopping the criminal and avoiding harm themselves: This homeowner managed to get his gun from a drawer, despite the fact that a criminal held a knife to him.  This elderly man managed to grab a self defense gun, despite being shocked with a stun gun and beaten by a 24 year old man.  This man managed to draw his concealed carry handgun and shoot an armed robber in self defense, despite the fact that that robber was standing behind him and pointing a shotgun at his back.  This jewelry store owner managed to grab his gun from under a desk, despite the fact that two robbers were in his store, one of whom had a gun pointed at him.  This pawnshop manager managed to shoot an armed in self defense, saving himself and his teenage employee, despite the fact that a gun was being held to that employee’s throat.  I could go on with many more examples, but the point should be clear – armed self defense works.

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My thanks to Paul for pointing out this self defense case.

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  • Firebird

    Two less of these masked cowards to steal from honest working people and i hope the get way driver gets 50 years in prison