Urgent Deadline Approaching for Iowa Concealed Carry Reform – Contat Gov. Culver TODAY

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on April 26, 2010 at 6:01 pm
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As I’ve previously mentioned several times now, the Iowa house and senate passed SF2379, which would greatly improve Iowa’s concealed carry law by requiring that sheriffs to issue a permit to carry weapons to all applicants, unless they are subject to certain specific disqualifiers (under the current law, each sheriff can set their own policy, and arbitrarily deny law abiding citizens the right to carry a gun for self defense).  However, Iowa Governor Chet Culver still has not yet signed this important bill into law.  If he doesn’t sign SF2379 this week, these important improvements to Iowa concealed carry law will die.

Below is an expert from an email sent by Sean McClanahan of Iowa Carry:

As usual, the anti-gun crowd is hitting the Governor’s office full force. The recent departure of Culver’s Chief of Staff has been a little problematic as well, since we know very little about the new Chief of Staff.

I know everyone is getting antsy about the situation, but there is nothing more that I can say or do other than to strongly encourage that every reader of this e-mail alert contact Governor Culver immediately and ask for his support of SF-2379. You don’t need to speak to the Governor himself. We just need everyone to call or e-mail the Governor’s office and politely – but firmly – ask for his support on SF-2379 as the session draws down to a close. We also need you to contact everyone you know, and ask them to call or e-mail the Governor’s office as well.
You can call Governor Culver at 515-281-5211. You can also e-mail him by going to the Iowa Carry Legislation Action Center, where you will find a pre-formatted letter. Or, you can e-mail him directly by using the Governor’s website.

Even if you have already contacted the Governor, do it again. He cannot get too much mail or too many phone calls on this subject. We must drown out the anti-gun and anti-freedom voices that are working hard to keep Iowa a may-issue discretionary state. Let’s make sure we meet that challenge head on!

We have one week left. Let’s fight like our backs are against the wall – because they are! Make the call and e-mail as quickly as possible, then encourage your friends and family to do the same. Every day.

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  • Herrbaggs

    Each sheriff can set their own policy. Holey Moley who dreamed up this dimwitted idea, in the county I live in the sheriff has a 4 grade education and has to get help filling out his paper work and on top of all this he refuses to carry a gun. He has been reelected twice and is running again. I have been told by a bail bondsman that the sheriff is not actually in charge, can one imagine that. So much for law and order.