Couple Fights off Two Home Invaders Armed with a Shotgun

Two suspects, one armed with a shotgun, reportedly kicked in the door of a Blue Mound home around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday and confronted a woman inside, according to police. The woman (Kellie Hoehn) and her husband (Keith Hoehn) managed to fight off the home invaders, disarm them, and shoot them with their own shotgun. One home invader, Dakota Benoit, 21, collapsed in the street and died at the scene, according to police.  The other suspect, John Pierson, 25, allegedly ran away on foot.  The couples children were not harmed.

First I would like to offer my congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Hoehn.  They successfully defended themselves and their children against armed cirminals, and that is commendable.

This incident also shows the benefit of owning a gun.  In this case, the home owners were able to disarm the criminal and use their gun against them; just imaging how much easier self defense would have been if these home owners has thier own gun(s), rather than having to worry about first disarming the home invaders?