Washington State Concealed Carry Permits Up 43%

As reported, the number of concealed carry permit holders in Washington state is up 43% between 2003 and 2007, with more than a quarter million residents now carrying.  Despite the dire warnings issued by the anti gun rights lobby, Washington has not turned into a shooting gallery were people trade gunfire over parking spots: 

Instead, over 258,000 Washington state residents are now able to defend themselves, such as the one profiled in this surpisingly pro gun rights newspaper story:

“As a parent, I am the first line of defense for my children,” he said. “Not the police.”

Piercy, a nursing student at Olympic College, lifts his shirt to reveal a .45-caliber Springfield XD, a black semi-automatic handgun that weighs about 30 ounces when loaded. He carries constantly with a few exceptions mostly when he’s on campus and prohibited from doing so.

“The gun doesn’t make me invincible, smarter, or tougher than anyone else,” he said. “It’s merely there as a tool.”


“It’s like a seat belt,” said April Borbon, 41, a business owner in Central Kitsap. “Hopefully I’ll never need it. And if I do, it’ll be a life or death situation.”

Perhaps best of all:

“The cases of someone misusing their concealed pistol license are virtually unheard of,” Mark Duncan, deputy police chief in Bainbridge Island, said

I only wish that the media outlets in areas such as Chicago and Oak Park would report on stores such as this, instead of blaming handguns (which are already banned!) for the actions of criminals.  Given the cowardly nature of most criminals, they would likely think twice before attempting to rob or invade the home of a citizen that just might shoot back.