Home Security: An important counterpart to gun ownership for self defense

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on October 13, 2008 at 12:03 am
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I advocate self defense with firearms for the simple reason that they are the best tools yet invented to stop a home invader or other criminal from committing a horrible crime.  Complementing gun ownership for self defense are home security considerations, as discussed below.

I’ve had dogs for most of my life, and see them as valuable members of the family (I especially like Doberman Pinschers) .  In fact, I couldn’t imagine having a house without dogs around.  In addition to the companionship benefit of dogs, they also can help scare away a home invader, or at least alert their owner.

Security System Signs
Criminals tend to look for the easiest target, and will therefore prefer to target a home that doesn’t look like it has a security system.  A few dollars worth of security system signs just might convince a would-be home invader to try a different house.

Motion Sensing Lights
Motion sensor lights can help deter criminals, as those attempting a break in benefit from darkness that conceals them.  These lights can range form ornate fixtures installed by a professional, to $50 solar powered lights that anyone can install in a matter of minutes, without having to tap into their home’s electrical system.

Better Door Locks
Adding additional door locks or upgrading the existing locks, can go a long way to improve security. Dead bolts are a must for exterior doors.  Additional locks and/or better locks can buy precious seconds to get one’s gun ready.

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An Outdoor Motion Alert System
These products use a wireless sensor to detect when there is a person near the sensor, and sounds a buzzer or chime inside.  They are often sold as “driveway alarms”, and can be purchased rather cheaply.  Placing such sensors in areas where people should not be can provide advanced notice of an impending break-in.  Sometimes there are places where people should be during the day, but not at night.  In such situations, a timer placed on the interior buzzer unit can ensure that the chime only sounds during the night.

A Home Security System
Home security systems can provide a few benefits.  First, a home invader who sets off the alarm may decide to flee immediately, preventing a violent confrontation from occurring at all.  Secondly, the sound of the alarm can wake the home owner(s) and give them a chance to get their guns ready, rather than being surprised by a criminal in one’s bedroom.  Finally, an alarm that calls the police can all a home owner to focus on defending themselves instead of fumbling with the phone (note that the police will still likely be unable to get there in time to stop the criminal).  For those on a budget, there are many wireless alarm systems available that can be installed in about an hour and which will provide decent security.

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Window Bars
Adding window bars to cover basement windows or other areas through which criminals may enter is another way to improve security. These bars don’t have to convert your home into a prison, as they can be quite ornamental. There are also bars designed to install over the glass on doors, thereby preventing a criminal from breaking the glass then reaching around unlock the door.

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  • http://www.verisafesecurity.com/ Pamela

    You offer some great suggestions. I still think a well designed security system that offers 100% coverage is key to catching the bad guys. Our system recently caught someone who broke into a fast food restaurant by squeezing between the seven inches between security bars over the drive-through window. I have no idea how he did it, but clearly all traditional security means were useless.

  • http://elkm1.liveautomatic.com Elk M1

    Good points, there are many ways to defend your family and a security system is one that shouldn't be overlooked.