Hurricane Guns?

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Before each of the major hurricanes this year, I’ve seen people arrive at this site after searching for “hurricane gun”, and similar terms.  At first I attributed this to people worried about the wrongful gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina, but upon further review it seems that was not what people were looking for:

Instead, it seems that people were looking for a gun with which to defend themselves during/after a hurricane, and many seem to have settled on the AR-15.  I’m basing that conclusion on the pages of this site which were viewed, and reports of increased AR-15 sales in the hurricanes projected paths.

So, it would seem that the AR-15 is the “hurricane gun” of choice for law abiding citizens who wish to defend themselves during a natural disaster.  Although I’m more of a fan of shotguns, the AR-15 does have some excellent self defense features that can allow a law abiding citizen to defend themselves from criminals during a natural disaster.  Being a resident of the midwest, who does not have to worry about hurricanes, I’m now curious what would constitute a good “tornado gun” or a “flash flood gun”… :)

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  • Scot

    After Hurricane Andrew, I carried my glock 17 with me. My father had a .357 magnum that he carried with him, I don’t recall the brand.

    I had my permit, I don’t know whether my dad did or not, but after hurricane Andrew it was really bad and you’d have to be there to understand.

  • Guest

    I came here as part of a search for a 'hurricane gun'. I ended up with a Remington 870 pump, but my sister is getting an AR15.