Buy a Gun Now – since when you need one, it will be too late

Purchasing a gun now is a prudent choice, given the fact that when you actually need the gun, it will be too late to buy it. I am not speaking of the world ending or other unlikely events (no, I don’t believe society will collapse any time soon) but rather about events that can and do happen, when it helps to have a gun:

A springfield XD pistol

Home invasions:
During a home invasion, it is unlikely that the police could arrive quickly enough to stop a criminal bent on harming a home owner and their family. This is true even for those who live right next door to the police station, since a criminal who is already in the home can get to the occupants before the police can get to the home and then get to the home invader. Self defense becomes the best, and often only option in those circumstances, and can mean the difference between living and dying. Buying a gun now allows a home owner to be prepared should they suffer a home invasion, as wishing for a gun when one’s front door is being kicked in won’t help much.

Natural disasters:
As happened after Hurricane Katrina, and countless other natural disasters over the years, criminals took advantage of the situation and victimized law abiding citizens.  The criminals knew that the police were either busy or not in town at all, and went about committing murder, robbery, rape, and other crimes.  In such situations, having a gun and using it for Self defense may be the only way to avoid being a victim.  Since it may be difficult to purchase a gun during such a natural disaster, buying one now may just be a good idea.

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Riots and other civil unrest:
Like natural disasters, riots and other civil unrest can tax police resources to the breaking point.  When the bulk of the police force is deployed to control riots, criminals can take advantage of this situation to commit crimes with impunity.  Worse yet, those who live in the middle of the area affected by riots can really be at risk.  Having a gun can again be the difference between being a victim or a citizen who lawfully defended themselves and their family.

Again, I would like to stress that I’m not predicting the collapse of society or anything else of the sort.  Instead, I’m saying that those who have been putting off buying a gun may want to consider making their purchase sooner rather than later, since when you need a gun, it is often too late to go and buy one.