Armed Shreveport, Louisiana Man Saves his Father from Violent Home Invaders

Published by the Author on March 6, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Shreveport, Louisiana Man Saves his Father from Violent Home Invaders

As reported, a Shreveport, Louisiana man reportedly used his gun to save his father from 2 violent home invaders.

Police say that a 62 year old homeowner was asleep in his house when a pair of teenage home invaders broke in and bound his hand and feet with duct tape, then set about ransacking the house.  The homeowner’s 31 year old son reportedly stopped by his father’s house during the home invasion, at which point one of the intruders fired at the son.  The son, who was armed for self defense, returned fire, fatally wounding one of the home invaders and sending the other fleeing, police say.  The home invasion appears to have been a random crime, and the surviving home invasion suspect is being sought, according to police.

This is yet another example of a law abiding citizen using a gun to stop violent criminals. Had this man not been armed for self defense, both he and his father could have been killed by the violent home invaders.  Luckily, he was armed, and both victims survived unharmed.  Society as a whole also benefits, as the deceased home invader will never again harm another innocent person.

Sadly, a story like this is rarely reported by the mainstream media, which instead prefers to give attention to anti-gun rights rants on the part of fear-mongering politicians.  I wonder how many home invasions and violent crimes, in places such as Oak Park and Chicago could have been avoided if those law abiding citizens had been armed.  Hopefully, the Supreme Court will soon strike down such anti gun laws, paving the way for more armed citizens who can defend themselves against crime.

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