Fresno, TX Homeowner Shoots Early Morning Home Invader

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A Fresno, Texas homeowner used his gun to stop an intruder at 4 AM.

News reports say that at about 4:00am an intruder stormed into a house on Emerald Street in Fresno, TX.  The homeowner, fearing for the safety of his family that included his wife and 2 young children, reportedly told the intruder to leave multiple times before firing, striking the intruder in the arm and leg.  Police arrived to apprehend the intruder, who was taken to a hospital and is expected to receive a mental health evaluation.  No injuries to the family were reported.

Home invaders are a deadly threat to children, as many people who have no qualms about committing a felony such as burglary also have no qualms about doing terrible things to children.  Fortunately, this father was armed for self defense and was able to protect his family .  Similarly, this armed woman was able to save her child from an intruder, just as this armed man was able to do.  Parents who have a gun for self defense are in the best position possible to protect their children from the sort of violence that no child should suffer.

It is also worth noting that whether the intruder was intending to commit a crime or was mentally ill, the danger to the family (and the correctness of armed self defense) remains the same.  The motives of a home invader are difficult to ascertain in the brief period of time that a homeowner has in which to act before they may suffer harm. Those motives are also irrelevant, as the right to defend oneself and one’s family from harm center upon the risk posed by the person who has intruded, not whether that person intends or understands their conduct.  As a parent myself I cannot envision caring more about wellbeing of a person who just broke into my home than I care about the wellbeing of my wife and chiildren, and so I cannot find that self defense action to be anything but completely proper.

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