Greenville, SC Man Credits Concealed Carry with Saving his Life

Published by the Author on September 2, 2018 at 1:18 pm > Gun Related News > Greenville, SC Man Credits Concealed Carry with Saving his Life

A homeowner in Greenville, South Carolina told reporters how having a concealed weapons permit saved his life during a robbery attempt.

News reports say that a a man was leaving his home and heading to his job when he stepped outside.  A robber whose face was covered with a mask is said to have come out from the bushes and attempted to rob the homeowner.  Acting in self defense, the homeowner reportedly fired at the robber, causing the to flee.  No injuries to the homeowner were reported, although a round fired by the robber did strike the homeowner’s truck.

Armed robbers are criminals who, by definition, are willing to threaten their victims with death or great bodily harm.  It is therefore unwise to trust one’s safety to such criminals, which is exactly what a person does when they cooperate with an armed robber in the hope of avoiding harm. Example after tragic example shows us that complying with a criminal’s demands is no guarantee that the criminal won’t become violent.  Similarly, running from the criminal can also lead to injury.

When would-be victims are armed for self defense, they routinely succeed at saving themselves from a violent criminal. In doing so, they also benefit society as a whole.

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