Armed Gas Station Customer Defends Himself Against 3 Robbers

Published by the Author on September 15, 2018 at 6:08 pm > Gun Related News > Armed Gas Station Customer Defends Himself Against 3 Robbers

An armed citizen used his handgun to stop a trio of armed robbers who approached him at a gas station in West Palm Beach, Florida.

News reports say that a customer was walking out of the Shell gas station on the 2900 block of North Military Trail in Palm Beach, FL when three men attempted to rob him.  The customer, who had a concealed carry permit, reportedly drew his handgun and fired in self defense, striking one of the robbers and causing the others to flee.  Police arrive to apprehend a suspect with non-life-threatening wounds, and no injuries to the would-be victim were reported.

Robbery is a dangerous violent crime that can result in great harm to a victim.  That is true whether the robbery is taking place in a business or out on the street.  Fortunately, gun ownership allows a person to be in the best position possible to defend themselves against such a violent attack, even when there are multiple attackers.

As further examples, this other store owner was able to stop 3 armed robbers.  Similarly, this clothing store owner used his gun stop a robber who threatened him with a knife, just as this tattoo shop owner was able to stop 3 armed robbers.  This deli owner was able to save himself and his wife from an armed robber too.  I could on and on with more examples, but the point should be clear – armed self defense works.

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