Armed Robberies Continue To Plague Oak Park – despite the handgun ban

Published by the Author on September 12, 2008 at 12:45 am > Gun Related News > Armed Robberies Continue To Plague Oak Park – despite the handgun ban

As reported, there were 6 more armed and strong arm robberies in the village of Oak Park, IL, in spite of the handgun ban.  This should come as no surprise, given events in Oak Park:

First, a slim majority of Oak Park’s voters decided to deprive all law abiding Oak Park citizens of their right to have a handgun for self defense.  Next, Oak Park decided to set an example by prosecuting a gas station owner who used a handgun to save his own life from an armed robber.  Then, as other Illinois cities wisely repealed their ineffective and unconstitutional handgun bans, Oak Park made the costly decision to fight a (very likely) losing court battle to keep the ban.  Then, facing a budgetary shortfall, Oak Park decided to save money by cutting police protection, as armed robberies, home invasions, sexual crimes, and shootings are rising.

Instead of being able to defend themselves as this elderly lady, this pregnant woman, this man, or countless others were able to do, Oak Park citizens are left vulnerable against criminals who ignore the gun ban.  Indeed it is only those who are willing to break that law that have been able to defend themselves.

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